Friday, November 20, 2009

Nexus build takes a LOT of memory

This is a real LOL issue. Look below, you will see Apple's Activity Monitor, reporting that a Java process which runs Maven 2.2.1 (doing full Nexus build) eats up 16EB of Virtual Memory! 16 exabytes! Not so bad, for a MacBook Pro, with 4GB or RAM and 250GB of HDD. I know that modern OSes are pretty nifty with managing virtual memory, but even then, where did Apple OS stuff those 16EBs?

Nexus build eating up 16 EB-1.png

(Note: 16 exabytes equals to 16384 petabytes equals to 16777216 terabytes equals to 17179869184 gigabytes...)

Am I missing something? Or the Cuppertino guys just has some sneaky overflow somewhere? ;)

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