Saturday, November 21, 2009

Oliver is here!

Today, at 7:32 PM (Central European Time) Oliver arrived!

With 3.4kg weigth, and 51cm length. Mummy and Oliver are fine, expected to be home at Wednesday.

Oliver is here.jpg

Petra and Daddy

Friday, November 20, 2009

Nexus build takes a LOT of memory

This is a real LOL issue. Look below, you will see Apple's Activity Monitor, reporting that a Java process which runs Maven 2.2.1 (doing full Nexus build) eats up 16EB of Virtual Memory! 16 exabytes! Not so bad, for a MacBook Pro, with 4GB or RAM and 250GB of HDD. I know that modern OSes are pretty nifty with managing virtual memory, but even then, where did Apple OS stuff those 16EBs?

Nexus build eating up 16 EB-1.png

(Note: 16 exabytes equals to 16384 petabytes equals to 16777216 terabytes equals to 17179869184 gigabytes...)

Am I missing something? Or the Cuppertino guys just has some sneaky overflow somewhere? ;)