Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Apple, why can't you be more sincere?

I am so annoyed by the fact, that someone lies, while doing it proudly. I mean, okay, bend the truth a little (heh, that's called marketing), but don't look at your customers as bunch of idiots.

I know this is not a huge thing, but I just realized what Apple mean when they say "USB 2.0": a castrated one.

Current Apple MacBook Pro Specs - USB 2.0, up to 480 Mbps, oh yeah.
My Apple MacBook Pro Specs - same USB2.0. Of course.

I knew about apple-and-usb thingy, that they were pushing FireWire over USB etc, but I thought that was the case before, in G's era, when USB 2.0 was (sort of) new. But today?

Below are stats of the same enclosure, once connected over USB, once over FireWire 400. Disk is formatted as MacOS Journaled volume.


Also, not to mention other "neat trick": you own a (one before the latest 2009) MacBook Pro, and have two FireWire ports, one 400 and one 800, right? And you are happy about extensibility of your Mac? Don't be, those ports are on same FireWire bus! That means, if you connect a fast FireWire 800 external HDD and your camcorder to grab some home video for example, the whole system will downgrade to FireWire 400 (don't know the details of FireWire, but I believe it has something with having those two ports on same bus)! So, fast disk is suddenly not so fast. Nice.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Drinking beer with Jason

Just about to leave Sonatype, and USA, so we had a beers. Few.